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Story of DS GRANER - DS Group in Germany

Experience and power

Our law firm was founded by Reiner Graner in 1980 in Stuttgart. Our team is united by the professional experience of our senior partners and the energy and innovative vision of our younger colleagues. We excel in professionalism, reliability and respectability. Clients from many parts of the world regularly place their trust in us.

French-German commercial and legal relations

A distinctive feature of our law firm is specialisation in French-German commercial and legal relations. Together with our partners of the Groupe DS in Paris. Lyon. Bordeaux and in La Réunion, we can ensure excellent representation in all areas of French law. Prominent German companies operating in France are among our clientele. Conversely, we represent a large number of French companies who are active on the German market.

Reiner Graner has been - for more than 30 years - legal adviser to the French General Consulate in Stuttgart and French foreign trade counsel in Germany, a position he holds by appointment of the French Government.

Among Francophile German law firms, DS GRANER is acknowledged as pioneers in this area.

Commercial and legal relations with China

Its further specialisation on the Chinese-German legal and commercial relations constitutes another distinctive feature of DS GRANER in Stuttgart. For many years already, we represent the Chinese credit insurer SINOSURE and especially the exporting companies insured by Sinosure. Our “Chinese team” from Germany regularly gives lectures in China, on the correct contractual design of supply contracts with European companies. These lectures are addressed to insurers as well as exporters. Every year, we host students from China for a few weeks, aiming at providing them with the basics of German civil law and commercial law.

Deep international competence

Our skillful application of foreign law is the consequence of the particular interest we have always taken in the approaches of foreign legal systems. Thus we ensure an excellent representation for our clients mandating us with cases with transnational aspects.

Due to our long-term experience, we know the perils of international law of practice and we have the skills needed to represent our clients successfully in transnational aspects, especially in area of mergers & acquisitions (M&A), in claim and debt recovery, contract law and in arbitration cases.

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