Mélissa Belounis


Office(s) :


Bar(s) : Quebec, 2022


Mélissa Belounis works with a diverse clientele. Firmly convinced that a multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to rethink the law, she will not hesitate to provide innovative ideas in order to carry out her cases and to provide what she’ll consider being the ideal legal solution. In a spirit of professionalism and by always being at the forefront of the constant legislative reforms, she makes it a point of honor to constantly keep herself up to date.Mélissa Belounis obtained her law degree from Laval University in 2020. Subsequently, and while completing her professional internship, she took university courses in politics and in economy to deepen her skills. During her internship in a law firm located in Québec city, under the direction of a lawyer practicing in labor law, she was able to study cases, carry out research and draft legal documents. Building on this experience, Me Belounis then worked on her own as a legal researcher. In addition to conducting legislative, case law and doctrinal research, she also informed lawyers about legal developments in their respective areas of practice. This entrepreneurial experience allowed her to come into contact with various players in the legal community and to develop the skills necessary for a career in law.

Québec Bar, 2022

Free studies, 2021

Bachelor of Laws from Laval University, 2019



2017 – Second place in the BLG Public Speaking Competition of the Law Students Association of Laval University.

2018 – Prix d’excellence from Éditions Yvon Blais for the best work in business law.


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