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Construction Law

For over 20 years, our lawyers of Construction Law department has been assisting public and private project owners, developers and investors in dealing with difficulties they may face during a construction operation.

DS Avocats: Construction Law

The expertise of the lawyers in Construction Law

The expert lawyers in Construction Law intervenes upstream of operations, during the negotiation of work contracts and expedites preventive summary proceedings.

It also intervenes on all issues that may arise during the works (filing for bankruptcy, incidents, additional work, relationship with subcontractors, etc.) and supports clients during the acceptance of work phase (fixing deadlines, determining reserves, establishing work hours, etc.).

In addition, it monitors pre-litigation and financial disputes initiated by companies in the event of disputed accounts and implements legal guarantees in the event of disturbances (completion guarantees, two-year guarantee, ten-year guarantee, contractual liability, quasi-delict tort liability, liability for abnormal neighbourhood disturbances, etc.), in particular accompanied by legal forensic measures.

Our department has also developed specific expertise in assisting its clients in the amicable and contentious management of claims with property and casualty insurers.



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Marie-Pierre Alix Partner Lawyer in Construction Law at DS Avocats



Paris, France view profile
Stéphanie De Laroullière Lawyer in Construction Law at DS Avocats

De Laroullière


Paris, France view profile
Hélène Laborde Construction Lawyer at DS Avocats



Paris, France view profile
Pauline Bugat



Paris, France view profile

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