Emmanuelle Moreau


Oficina(s) :


Bar(s) : Paris


With 20 years’ experience in property disputes, Emmanuelle Moreau advises public and private bodies on development projects.

She assists them with drafting contracts ranging from regulating investor consultations to property protocols (protocoles fonciers) governing the sale of macro-lots, as well as contractual specifications and sale commitments and agreements. Emmanuelle manages contractual issues in connection with the development of complex real estate projects, combining the public domain and private property (servitudes, property management bodies (ASL, AFUL), sub-contracting, tenders), as well as the disputes arising from them.

Emmanuelle also advises institutional clients on valuing property assets and setting up developer/user partnerships for property development purposes (LOI, joint ventures, forward commitments to lease and sell (VEFA/BEFA), etc.).

She also advises on the reconversion of industrial brownfield land, establishing the contractual framework for the closure of classified facilities and change of land use (environmental provisions and guarantees, agreements of covering cost overruns, third party claimant agreements, etc.).

Emmanuelle is a lecturer at the Université Paris-SACLAY, where she teaches the fundamentals of private corporate law, including civil and commercial contracts, property law, and civil environmental law.

Emmanuelle is a member of the Association of Doctors of Law.

  • Bar exam (CAPA), 1999
  • Lecturer, Jean Monnet Faculty, Paris Sud-SACLAY University, 1994
  • Doctor of Law, Paris Ouest-La Défense, 1993
  • French
  • English

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