Jean-Claude Drié


Oficina(s) :


Bar(s) : Paris


Jean-Claude Drié assists companies and public actors in managing their tax issues. 

He provides upstream advice or downstream assistance in the defense of cases. In the latter case, he works closely with the tax authorities, identifies the appropriate parties and tends to resolve disputes within a diplomatic framework.

If necessary, he organises interventions at the central administration of Bercy before any litigation is brought before the courts.

Jean-Claude Drié is a graduate of the École Nationale des Impôts and holds a doctorate in law.

He has been a public finance inspector in charge of tax auditing at the Direction des Vérifications Nationales et Internationales (DVNI), a teacher at the Sorbonne and has authored books on taxation, he is also a lecturer in account auditing and local taxation.

  • Doctorate in Law – Thesis in Tax Law – University of Paris – Best University Thesis in Tax Law 2005
  • Postgraduate degree in public law 1998 – University of Burgundy
  • Ecole Nationale des Impôts (ENI): year 1983-84. Speciality: company taxation.
  • CEPAG and Law Degree – University of Grenoble
  • French
  • English
  • ITR World Tax – Tax Law – General corporate tax (Tier 4)
  • ITR World Tax – Tax Law – Tax controversy (Tier 4)
  • ITR World Tax – Tax Law – Real estate (Tier 4)
  • Option Droit & affaires – Tax law – Rankings of law firms in transactional tax law (2 stars)
  • Option Droit & affaires – Tax law – Ranking of law firms in corporate tax litigation and tax adjustment assistance (2 stars)

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