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Infrastructure and Large-Scale Projects

Globalisation has enabled those involved in the infrastructure and large-scale projects sector to seize new opportunities in technology, economics, trade and geopolitical influence. At the same time, it has exposed them to new risks.

These changes require a more sophisticated approach to large-scale infrastructure projects.

Our teams’ renowned expertise ensures that our clients in the sector can anticipate risks throughout the lifecycle of their projects and that they are provided with constructive and creative solutions.

Whether on transactions, asset management, project development or structuring, at the construction or dismantlement stage, our dedicated teams assist stakeholders with the entire lifecycle of their infrastructure project :

  • Development ;
  • Structuring ;
  • Financing ;
  • Construction ;
  • Operation and maintenance ;
  • Decommissioning ;
  • Acquisition/transfer ;
  • Litigation.

Concessions / PPPs

We advise our clients internationally, in particular in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe on emerging regulations and key, large-scale investment projects as part of public-private partnerships (PPPs).

- Contractual arrangements :
  • Handovers ;
  • Monitoring of contractual relations ;
  • Litigation ;
  • State subsidies ;
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP), concessions.
- Public domain :
  • Administrative liability ;
  • Damages from public works ;
  • Law of public and para-public structures ;
  • Regional authority law ;
  • Contractual relations ;
  • Public procurement ;
  • Assistance with project management ;
  • Secondary market.

Cross-functional offering

We use our international Desks to share the experience and collaborative methods of our various teams, so our clients can benefit from our cross-practice services, in particular in the following areas :

  • Sustainable and intelligent cities and regions ;
  • Compliance ;
  • Energy.

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