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Life Sciences

The global Health and Biotechnology market is a balancing act between growth and change.

Innovation and opportunities for progress are often born out of crises. The Covid-19 global pandemic is redefining the missions and strategies of all stakeholders, public institutions, companies and industrialists, with an increased awareness of collective and individual responsibilities.

In this demanding and complex environment, DS Avocats assists you in consulting and litigation, in creating responsible value throughout the life chain of Health and Biotechnology products and services.

With a 360° strategic vision and recognised expertise, both nationally and internationally, DS Avocats offers you tailor-made legal and economic solutions for the successful implementation of your projects while negotiating with pragmatism, rigour and inventiveness.

Private and public entities in the Health sector trust us to successfully meet the challenges in the following areas:

  • Full support and structuring of innovative projects in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector (valorisation of research work, patent licences, fund raising, partnerships, marketing and commercialisation) ;
  • Valorisation of health data;
  • Adaptation and compliance of technological and digital issues (telemedicine, connected devices and artificial intelligence);
  • Technology transfer from the public to the private sector (involving inventors, public institutions, companies and industrialists);
  • Supply and management of health product shortages;
  • Litigation and resolution of commercial, administrative and criminal disputes relating to health products (crisis management, transactional memorandum of understanding, product liability, etc.) ;
  • Representation of health professionals before the ordinary courts (doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, midwives, etc.) ;
  • Analysis of issues, regulatory changes and compliance of health products;
  • Import-Export of health products in Europe and worldwide (management of equivalence of standards and transfer prices) ;
  • Obtaining and monitoring administrative authorisations (national and European health authorities).

Our added value: the complementarity of the different areas of expertise.

Our Health Law department works on a project basis with our lawyers who are experts in all areas of business law: intellectual property law, new technologies and data, public law, competition law, banking and financial law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, business criminal law, press law, insurance law, tax law and real estate law.

Finally, our Healthcare team has surrounded itself with an ecosystem of technical, economic and engineering experts in patents and IP, in order to offer in-depth solutions both nationally and internationally.


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