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Aviation, Space and Defense Industries

The aviation and defense sectors are going through important changes related to technological innovations, the dynamics of the global market and the global geopolitical situation. To ensure that their clients survive and thrive in these sectors, DS Avocats focuses on their modernisation, digital transformation and consolidation.

A customised sectoral approach

In order to provide assistance to all stakeholders in the aviation, space and defense sector with all transactional and contentious matters, we have a dedicated team of experts in public law, banking and finance, company law, insurance law, competition law, tax law, intellectual property law, and new technologies and data law.

Our DS teams across the world (Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and Asia) and our international Desks support our clients with all strategic and legal projects related to their international activities.

The team’s expertise also extends to advice to and representation of governmental and multilateral organisations, investors and insurers, with their programmes and projects in the space and defense sectors.


The aviation and air transport sector is subject to a global demand that is rising in the long term. It faces increasingly complex challenges that require optimised legal solutions for all transactions, including contracts, partnerships, financing and insurance. At the same time, new technology continuously provides new ways to simplify the acquisition and operation of aircraft, lower passenger costs and improve passanger experience.

Sector stakeholders are however faced with many uncertainties, related to current and future disruptions in the following areas:

  • Geopolitical ;
  • Regulatory ;
  • Environmental ;
  • Technological ;
  • Competition.


The sector brings together a large variety of operators and stakeholders, whether they are pure players or companies involved in other fields, such as the IT, electronic or media fields, for example, but that rely on space infrastructure.

The space sector is currently going through a period of significant changes in terms of governance and business models and is subject to pressure from technological progress.


The complex dynamics that govern this sector go beyond simple market forces. Geopolitical balance, regulations and public investment are the determining factors.

At the same time, both non-traditional and long-standing actors are introducing new technologies and new commercial models that widen our understanding of the sector.

Capital sources are diversifying (risk capital, investment capital, sovereign funds and contributions from billionaires, for example), while private investment is increasing and new public-private partnerships are being put in place.


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