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White Collar

Our specialised White collar team has a rich and varied experience that aligns with the diversity and high standard of our clients, which include the following :

  • Industrial and service companies ;
  • Insurance companies ;
  • Banking and financing institutions ;
  • Real estate operators ;
  • Company managers ;
  • Investors and shareholders ;
  • Public sector operators ;
  • Etc.

We advise companies, insurance and banking establishments and managers on all stages of criminal proceedings that have an impact on their operations and the management and governance of their business.

We also have a renowned criminal banking law, criminal tax law and criminal finance law practice.

In order to provide our clients with operational solutions to all the challenges they may face, our team offers extensive sectoral expertise in the following areas :

  • Environment ;
  • Health ;
  • Employment ;
  • Industrial activity (strict liability offences) ;
  • Cybercrime ;
  • Personal data protection ;
  • Competition ;
  • Distribution and consumer law.

Multi-disciplinary know-how

Our team advises on a wider range of matters related to criminal law, including :

  • Civil and criminal liability, financial crime, compliance, anti-corruption, corporate and insurance crime ;
  • General white-collar criminal practices at national and international levels, including corporate fraud, anti-trust and fight against corruption ;
  • Financial crime, anti-corruption and financial regulation inquiries ;
  • Etc.

We also advise on implementing compliance processes, in particular as part of the fight against corruption and money laundering.

Our team devises the appropriate civil law strategies for clients who have been victims of an offence, such as protective measures for assets and enforcement measures.


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