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Employment and Labour Law

Our employment and labour professionals have chosen an essential and innovative area of law in a complex economic and legal context.

Employment and labour law is essential in that clients expect operational solutions that are adapted to their often complex and nuanced situations.

On the other hand, it is innovative in that the disruptions in the professional environment require an increasingly creative and imaginative application of the law.

Our lawyers advise employers on day-to-day matters and defend them as part of individual or collective disputes before all relevant labour courts.
They also provide training for a wide-range of companies.

Our employment and labour law team is dynamic, open and pragmatic and is proud of its ability to anticipate challenges and value the human dimension of a business. Its practice is divided into four areas of expertise:

Social dialogue

  • Negotiation ;
  • Drafting company-level and sector-wide agreements and managing related disputes.

Risk prevention

  • Compliance audits ;
  • Risk prevention and management of environmental, health and safety matters in the workplace ;
  • Criminal labour law.

Day-to-day matters

  • Employment law matters relating to mergers and acquisitions ;
  • Restructuring and collective dismissals ;
  • Insolvency proceedings.

Human capital

  • Management of contractual relations ;
  • International employee mobility ;
  • Social security disputes ;
  • Employee savings plans.


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