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Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Industry

The leisure sector includes a multitude of actors with various profiles: owners, operators, distributors [?], public and private investors, regional authorities, governmental and para-public entities.

This sector is very sensitive to circumstances and consumer confidence and is currently going though significant developments and changes :

  • Globalisation and the development of the middle class in emerging countries are creating new markets ;
  • On the other hand, new uses and services are emerging (such as the sharing economy, for example) that have a negative impact on the market share of traditional actors ;
  • Changes in regulations, in particular the issue of sustainable development, imposes restrictions on sector stakeholders ;
  • At the same time, leisure service consumers are seeking experiences that are fluid, personalised, exotic.

The current challenges faced by the sector are forcing its stakeholders, including travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, online and regular casinos, restaurants, sports and amusement parks to reinvent themselves.

In this context, they can rely on our teams’ recognised and cross-functional expertise to anticipate risks throughout the lifecycle of their projects and provide them with constructive and creative solutions :

  • Contractual relations and operational monitoring of your projects ;
  • New project development ;
  • Acquisition / transfer / project finance ;
  • Restructuring;
  • Litigation.

Our teams support both private and public actors in the leisure sector to steer their course in this fluctuating environment thanks to a solid legal analysis.

Our clients are also able to rely on our DS Avocats teams across the world (Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and Asia) and our international Desks, for assistance with all strategic and legal aspects of their international activities.


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